Make your own easy pyjama set

This month I am fortunate enough to have another sewing DIY in Simply Sewing.

It was a design, that was really fun to make.

I wanted to make something in an 80´s style with the bikeshorts and the wide top. The 80´s – always a good decade for fashion inspiration. The easy pyjama set was fun so much so, that I made a set both for the magazine to send off, and then also a set for myself. Both the lovely fabrics were gifted by Stoffstil.

Roxie was lucky enough to get a pair of trousers from the rest of the ladybird fabric. Once I get started sewing, I cannot seem to stop.

It can seem rather difficult to make a pair of shorts or trousers from another pair of trousers, but I really don´t think it´s that hard. And using stretchy fabric makes it a lot easier.

The complete DIY to make it your own is in the issue 60 of Simply Sewing. If you cannot get it at your local magazine shop, it can be downloaded on RB Digital. I am sure, you will find lots of other great ideas in the magazine.

Here is the gorgeous model from Simply Sewing –

And here is a homestyle model in her comfy set –

Happy making! I hope you all have a lovely and creative weekend.

The last scarf refashioning for a while – I promise

Hello again from the sewing blog. This is my final scarf refashioning for a while, I think. Because wow, there has been many. At least it will be the last summer scarf refashioning. But I am sure I will come up with some wintery ones for the cold weather.

It is very simple. A lovely light and printed tube scarf. A neck opening cut, folded back and stitched on.

Openings for the arms in the side – and then just ready to wear. The light fabric falls and flows so nicely.

Comfy and casual, but because of the bold print still quite a handmade statement wear.

Better than throwing away clothes you don’t use anymore is to make something new out of them, and with this came another upcycled sustainable dress. If you want to make your own clothes, this is a great way to start. It really does not take very much, it is an easy way to sew for less, not costing a lot in fabric, and the outcome is so cool.

This one will be saved for next years Summer for sure.

Fabric haul from Schoneberg – lots of handmade sewing

I have been showing this great fabric shop off before, and if you are in the area of Northern Jutland is really is a place worthy of visiting.

I am always very tempted and my visions of being sustainable disappear. Then I forget all my good intentions of saving money and ressources and I just want to buy fabric. That’s what can happen when you are near awesome fabric.

Early in the Summer I went shopping there and I have made several things that have not been shown off yet. So brace yourself. Lots of pictures to come of my daughters in homemade – and also one matching – outfits.

No DIY steps for this post, just lots of ideas that can hopefully inspire you.

Jolina chose this gamer print. There was not enough to make sleeves of that print, so I mad them with the stripey fabric. That actually turned out quite well, I think.


I chose the ice cream fabric (and have actually seen several of my sewing friends´ kids in it as well, so it has been popular – but it is also super cute). I did not have enough for proper length and sleeves in this fabric either – haha. But I had some cool lace that my design school friend Helle from Ellies Gone Surfing once gave me a huge roll of. It was perfect for sleeves and a bit more length to the tops.

I think I need to buy more fabric, since I am always falling a bit short..

Jolina also chose the tiger print. It turned into a ruffled top/dress with a midarm sleeve length. It looks kinda like its too short for her, but it was the intention.. but perhaps Roxie will take it over soon.

The stripe print was a classic beauty I had to get. Jolina agreed to both shorts and a skirt in this. All fabric got used up. Always a pleasure to not leave many scraps.

Follow the shop on insta here  if you want great ideas for some beautiful sewing.

Sew a sew-easy kimono

The weather is still kinda warm here in Denmark, super hot lately actually, and so there is still use for the Summer clothes once in a while.

I have made this Kimono from a scarf, and it is a really easy and cool thing to make. There are so many tutorials out there for it.

This one is from a lace version of the kimono, also very awesome A beautiful messl and really easy to work from. I would recommend this as a starter sewing project if you are new to making your own clothes. It is simple and gives you something that is lovely and versatile to wear. If you make it from an old scarf it is also very much a piece of conscious apparel.. I love to refashion and not just throw away. So get your creative stitches going and be sure to make this before the rays of sunshine are gone. Or choose a thicker quality of fabric and make it for the cold weather coming.

If you want more ideas for refashioning scarves into handmade dresses from my blog please look here and here.

Happy making!


A handmade unicorn print outfit for my little girl

Fabric in this post was a gift from Stoffstil 

News from the sewing room – which is actually the living room most of the time at the moment. I have a sewing room, but it is really just full of fabric and mess. Anybody who can relate to that? Fabric and mess all over the place? That is the standard in my house. (Although for the photos of this post the floor was actually clean..)

I received an abundance of fabric in the beginning of the Summer from Stoffstil and a lot of it I have already shown you the results from  – like the tiered dress, the beautiful (yes, beautiful) zipper  and the glittery culottes and skirts .

Some of the fabric I could not show you since it was a surprise – or well, not a surprise, just a unicorn jersey print  that was not released yet to the shops. Well, it is now, and I have been looking forward to showing you. It is also used in a DIY I will have in Simply Sewing  issue 60 soon, but luckily there were left overs for a cute unicorn print set for Roxie, so I could make some handmade childrens clothing and not just a set for myself.

This is very much a set that has been made with serger sewing. Not a lot of normal stitches, and I love that, since it makes the process so quick. And being quick I can make more stuff, which I seem to be almost addicted to..

It is a handmade pattern made by hacking some clothes that Roxie already had. No time wasted there.  And then it is also quality sewing for me. Some details that are very simple,  but that I really like. She really loves it, and is has been worn many, many times already. I adore the print too.

I enjoy making clothes for Roxie, and I hope she will still let me for many years to come. And then I hope to inspire her to also be sewing clothes for herself in the future. More sewing together in the family could be great.

Thank you for the lovely fabric Stoffstil.

Scarf refashioning bonanza!

I am lucky enough to have another submission in the Simply Sewing magazine issue no. 58.

It is a refashioning DIY of one of the many scarves I had at home into a cute tube dress – perfect for the beach.

I still have quite a lot of those scarves, they are often in the thrift shop I go to, and lovely patterns and prints are just too hard to resist for me.

Recently I saw one of my friends and she was wearing an awesome tier dress in a beautiful floaty fabric. It was out of my price range, and I thought I could do something like it with my many scarves. And thus the tiered dress factory began.

I love the dresses and will live in them this summer. I also made some for the girls.

Some of them are in two layers because the fabric is too see-through, and with some of them I have made an inner layer from – guess what – more scarf fabric!

The scarves are different in sizes, so some of them have been cut a bit imaginatively, and off course they could be made even longer for a full length version. Each tier has to be wider than the previous, so there is enough to gather from – so there is lots of width and floatiness.

I made a pattern from a wide too for the top bit and the sleeves. The neckline is finished with bias tape in contrasting colours. Sleeves are made differently according to how much scarf fabric was available.

The layers coming were just made from the fabric that (kinda) matched and fitted in width.

I also made one short top – that works well too.

I love the boheme look, the pattern mis-matchiness, and that I could use some of the many scarves I had in store for some dresses that have already been named favourites in the wardrobe for summer. Refashioning is one of my favourite things to do – to be both sustainable not throwing clothes away and use creativity to make something great.

Here I have used my pattern for a dress in a very light fabric on sale at Stoffstil. It is very sheer but with bike shorts underneath it´s fine. And super airy and light for this hot weather.

I hope this will inspire you to make something awesome. Happy making!

My Simply Sewing dream come true


In all the hardship that life also seems to be I have thrown myself into work. I have written about the thoughts on that before here .

Grief is a bitch , it´s lonely, and it is so unfair and heartbreaking that my little brother will be gone forever. Thoughts and memories hurt, and when it gets too much, I have just DONE stuff. DOING, CREATING and MAKING while listening to beautiful music and slowly letting thoughts go through me has helped me.

Craft and work seems to help my soul at least.

It also means that I have been able to check a lot of things of my neverending project-lists. One of them was to send some samples of my work to Simply Sewing, one of my favourite magazines. They accepted  – and now it is finally real.

I was proud, and even though joy feels so much different this year, I still let myself feel happy about it. My brother was not interested in sewing, but he was always so kind to ask to the many projects I had going on, and I am sure he would have been proud too.

To be a contributor to Simply Sewing issue no. 57 is a dream come true. Having a sewing book out in Danish was also really amazing, but this is so much fun. A little project on the pages makes me excited.

I hope you readers will like the no-pattern easy-make styles that are my trademark. T is my wish that it helps a lot more feel free enough to be creative.

I look forward to next month where there will be another DIY out


For Danish readers – it´s really hard to get hold of the magazine in shops, such a shame, but you can read it electronically (for free) through menay libraries, check it out here or through your library branch.